Hang around the facilities available at The Rucksack Caratel, whether it is for some quiet reading time or engaging in a conversation with fellow travellers.

Swimming pool

Dive into our pool for a relaxing after-meal dip, which overlooks the lush, floral garden of the nearby Melaka Sultanate Palace. With the pool’s crystal clear waters, soothing music, dedicated WiFi access and pool floats for our less buoyant guests, even the most fatigued of travellers can lounge around comfortably and unwind after an exhausting day out. Watch out though—our resident sharks come out to play after 10pm, so please avoid the waters then!

Caravan Park

This is the nexus of The Rucksack Caratel where all the social activities and general fun stuff takes place: score a hat-trick at our foosball table, take a leisurely ride on our rustic swings, impress other folks with your mad basketball skills, work up a sweat on our stationary bikes, or sink into our cushy seats and mingle with other like-minded travellers.

Sound Stage

Whether you like the sound of your own voice, just want to play live music or organise an impromptu stand-up comedy event, the Sound Stage can accommodate it all with a full console system, four microphones and two standing speakers. We even organise live events on occasions, so keep your eyes peeled on this space!

Venue Rental

The lobby at The Rucksack Caratel offers the ideal setting for any occasion, from birthday parties, bachelorette night, product launch party, networking event, corporate gatherings or just about anything that you can think of! Fully air conditioned and filled with natural light, it holds the perfect atmosphere for any function. Just drop us an email and we’ll do the rest!

If you are travelling in groups of more than 10, or have any other questions about our hotel, facilities or services, feel free to contact us at: caratel@therucksackgroup.com or +6 06 2922107

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